Biolynx has the capabilities to help you with your licensing needs.

We have international connections and experience in global product development and launches, to ensure you connect with the right people to move your product on through development and commercialization.

We can help you create a memorable and attractive set of materials to demonstrate your product. We can also work with you to generate an outreach strategy, target contact database, and implement a digital marketing activity plan to create heightened awareness and partnering leads.

Biolynx can help throughout the negotiation period to close of deal, from initial discussions and CDA, through termsheet, heads of terms, and final agreement.

Biolynx is your partner in Pharma & Biotech Licensing.

  • R & D Companies

  • Sales & Marketing Agencies

  • Distribution Agencies

  • Single Country pharma companies

  • Regionally active Pharma Companies

  • International Pharma Companies

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